What are the 4 Types Of Learning Styles.

Did you take the quiz to know what type of learner is your child and want to get to know more about each type of learning style?

3 types of learning style. Homeschooling mom in the Philippines.

Then you're on the right page. Knowing what type of learner is your child plays a big role in your homeschooling journey. If you're still unsure of homeschooling, answer these questions first. It will help you plan and know what types of activities your child needs, how will you plan to teach them, what curriculum to get. Remember, each child is unique. 

What is a Learning Style?

To simply it is a term that refers to different ways in which we learn, process, and retains information. 

What is a Visual Learner?

Children who learn through seeing. Visual Learners can utilize graphs, charts, maps, diagrams, and other forms of visual stimulation to effectively acquire information. 

They love visualizing things mostly they are observant of the people's expressions and how things work. They also learn through pictures, enjoy art and drawing, like to play with lego and jigsaw puzzles.

What is an Auditory Learner?

An auditory learner depends on listening and speaking as the main way of learning. Auditory learners must be able to hear what is being said to understand and may have difficulty with instructions that are drawn but if the writing is in a logical order it can be easier to understand. 

Auditory learner loves verbal presentation like discussions, speeches, and lectures. They also have a good sense of rhythm and learn best with sounds and music. 

If you find your auditory learner not paying attention. Don't worry they got good listening skills. 

What is Kinesthetic Learner?

It is a learning style in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. 

Kinesthetic learners prefer a hands-on approach that allows them to physically explore for them to learn best. 

It is also called a  tactile learnerFor tactile learners, they are the children who learn through touch. 

Kinesthetic learners learn by doing and are highly active. They can't sit steadily for long hours. Physical activities and sports play a big part in kinesthetic learners' lives. They like to move around while listening and love to touch and feel the world for them to learn. 

What is a Reading and Writing Learner?

It is a learning style in which learning the child learns by reading and writing. 
They love learning with text or words than hearing or seeing images.
To meet the reading and writing learners, give them quizzes. 
That will give them a chance to write down what they have learned.

Observe and understand your child's learning style.

Take time to observe what type of learner is your child. Remember, don't limit them to a single type of learning. Now you are ready to plan how will your homeschooling journey start.

Zoe is a mix of a visual and kinesthetic learner and a bit of auditory learner. I use different types of approaches to teaching her.  For example, in reading, she's an auditory learner. She encodes and listens to the sounds rather than memorizing the letters and words. It's a mix and match and a trial and error. Remember, you are capable of teaching your child. See a glimpse of our routine here.

How is it so far mama? Take time to decide and don't rush. You might want to check my top 3 reasons why we unschool to give you some idea. I hope you find this article helpful. If you know someone who's looking into homeschooling don't forget to share this with them.

If you have any questions, don't be shy to slide into my inbox anytime. Good luck on whatever path you'll take! After all, we just want what's the best for our kids. Stay safe and healthy!

Mommy Gen 


3 types of learning style. Homeschooling mom in the Philippines.

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3 types of learning style. Homeschooling mom in the Philippines.
3 types of learning style. Homeschooling mom in the Philippines.