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Life with ZG is a place to help moms, especially young and solo moms to survive solohood. I provide help to empower women, by sharing our stories and secrets on how to transition from brokenness to wholeness to be able to live a happy life. I also share tips and tricks on how to juggle life, work, and homeschooling.

I am a happy solo mom by choice and raising my daughter ZoZo single-handedly. A breastfeeding advocate, co-sleeping, babywearing enthusiast, zero waste advocate, raising an unplugged kid, and homeschooling kind of momma.

I write posts about motherhood, lifestyle, homeschooling, reviews, food, beauty, and health. I got a bit of everything for you here.

I am also a mompreneur at ZG Bakes. The founder of a community of single moms in the Philippines where we aim to empower and inspire women. Join our family here. I am also one of the founding members of Tagaytay Bloggers. A community of Tagaytay Bloggers. You can find your escape here. From food guides, events, and even hidden gems around Tagaytay.

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This site aims to inspire and empower women, especially moms, and get through solo parenthood with a happy heart.

Please know that it’s okay to be a SOLO mom. You are not less of a person because you chose to be one. Be proud, you’re doing great mama! And if you’re a young mom, you still have a brighter future ahead. Heads up!

If you're a single mom and new to homeschooling, this is the best site for you as I share tips and life hacks about homeschooling.

Fun facts:

Beach is my happy place, coffee is my blood type, journaling for me is therapeutic, watching K-Dramas are my stress reliever and Fan-girling over BTS keeps me sane. 

ZG in "Life with ZG" stands for our name. Yes, Zozo and I both have the same initials. Just figure out our real names. Haha

I am actually an introvert. I didn't imagine myself being a blogger. But look where I am now.

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