Toddler's Life During Quarantine Because Of COVID-19

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How are you? How're your kids? How are they coping up? I know we're going through tough times. But know that this too shall pass. We are now under enhanced community quarantine. So let's do our part to just stay at home. Good thing we restocked our books during The Big Bad Wolf last February.

Honestly, we're still living our usual life. This is why I am thankful that we chose the unschooling path.  Zoe doesn't have a structured curriculum because I just follow her lead. I just trust her. I allow her to choose what subject she wants to work on for the day or the week. I let her spend her time doing things she loves. I let her discover and learn things on her own.

Why is Zoe unschooled?

If you're wondering why, here's my top 3 reasons why Zoe is unschooled. But to sum up, why it's because I want to show her that I trust her to lead her leaning. By giving her the time, the space, the freedom from rules and structures most of the time. I don't want her to experience the same childhood I had. I was pressured to always excel in class and my mental health was at stake. I want her to just be her. To enjoy her childhood. To enjoy life. And to make her own choices.

Character over Academics 

As many of you may know, character-building is more important to me than academics. That's why I am always trying my best to be the best model for her. I know I am not a perfect mom but every day I grow and learn with her. As they say, we're our kids' first teachers. So let's set the best example for them. Let's establish a strong character foundation first as early as possible instead of pushing them to read early. That can wait until they are ready. Trust me and trust your kids.


Lifeskills matters to me as well. Why? Because honestly, my brother and I grew up with helpers. So we're not used to doing chores. That's why I decided to raise Zoe the other way around. As early as 1 year old, I started teaching her life skills. Watch this video. Since I am a single mom, we do almost everything together. I want her to learn many skills as possible. So she can take care of herself and she'll be ready to face the world. Now at 4 years old, I am amazed at how independent she is. I guess she's too mature for her age. She's always willing to help, she initiates to do chores and she's happy to obey my "orders". Unlike me, she doesn't treat it as something difficult or complicated, as we adults do. She treats it as the way of life, as a fun activity, as an interesting way to spend time. That's why at her young age she is self-sufficient already. I guess she's my opposite at times as well. 

So as a parent, let me ask you. Do you trust your child as well? After all, childhood is not a race! So let me share a glimpse of her day as an unschooled kid during a tough time like this. It's almost the same normal routine we have. The only difference now is that we can't step outside the house.

Daily Routine 

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Here's Zoe's routine. This is what she does every day. She picks what activity she wants for the day. And we just go with the flow. We don't follow the time strictly based on the schedule, but I am strict about her sleeping time. Since she's a newborn I already set a sleeping routine for her and until now at 4 years old she gets a minimum of 12 hours of sleep. I guess that's one of my secret in raising an almost tantrum-free kid. She barely throws tantrum. Only when she's too sleepy or she's too hungry.

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I also listed some free play and bonding activities that you can try to do with your kids especially now that we're on lockdown. As well as the life skills that she does every day as part of her routine. Watch this video of her cleaning up her mess.

So if you're wondering how I juggle everything on my own. It's because she helps me a lot as well. She's an easy kid and I'm so thankful to have her.

I hope you find this blog helpful, remember childhood is not a race. So let them enjoy their childhood. Don't forget to share this with your family and friends. And if you have any questions or suggestions. My DM is always open.

Stay safe and healthy! Don't panic and just stay at home! Everything will be okay soon!

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