How To Introduce Addition In a Fun Way To Your Kids

Zoe's been showing interest in addition lately. So I thought of making this easy activity to help her understand addition. It's a fun way to introduce counting to younger kids as well as addition and subtraction for older kids. It's a hit for Zoe and she's been working on it for a while. 

How to introduce addition in a fun way to your kids


Colored Paper
Bond Paper


  1. Trace your hands. Zoe wanted a big hand but you may also trace your kid's hands instead.
  2. Glue the palm of the hands and paste in the bond paper.
  3. Fold the fingers.

How to introduce addition in a fun way to your kids

I started with small numbers first as this is Zoe's first try in adding numbers. She had lots of fun and want to try bigger numbers already. Give this a try mommy! A simple but fun activity to introduce counting to your little ones!

Watch Zoe In Action

So will you give this fun way to introduce an addition to your kids a try? Let me know when you recreate this with your kids. Don't forget to tag me as well. Remember, don't pressure your kids. Let them learn while still having fun.

If you find this post helpful, don't forget to share this with your family and friends. Take care, everyone. Stay safe and healthy! 

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How to introduce counting in a fun way to your kids

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