Northern Blossom Flower Farm

It was a unexpected and unplanned morning at the Northern Blossom Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet. Last May 31, 2018 we headed to Baguio and arrived too early, so we decided to check out the flower farm in Atok, Benguet. It was a 2 hours drive from Baguio. The road is zigzag and feels like never ending! But seeing the view on our way up to the farm, it's totally worth the trip.

Entrance fee is 200 php ($4) and it comes with a coffee and boots since it was drizzling when we went there. We have a guide to tour us around the farm. Unlike some posts that I've read this Kuya don't even told us the names of the flowers and don't take good photos. So bear with my photos as I only have few with me.1528926777805-1The Northern blossom farm is famous because of the cabbage roses. Thankfully they're in full bloom and not yet harvested when we went there. But there's not much flowers in season that time unlike during February and October.



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The farm is too slippery and muddy so it's really hard to walk. Better to visit the farm every Summer. Be extra careful and cautious when you visit during rainy days.



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Here is my mom posing in the middle of the snapdragons. This is my favorite among all the flowers.1528926544540-1Meet my family! ❤ [From L-R yours truly, my younger brother, my mom, my dad and Zoe]1528926416879Good thing we have two family pictures. One fact about us, we don't always take photos. We rather enjoy the moment but sometimes it's also nice to have a photograph to treasure. So once in a while we take family photos. Haha



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Of course when it comes to their grandchildren they always want a photo with her. Haha Look how brave Zoe is.

Final Verdict

We enjoyed touring around the Northern Blossom Flower farm and will definitely go back.

⭐️ They have complimentary boots which is so helpful especially now that its rainy season.

⭐️ We bought succulents and cactus too for a very good price.

⭐️ They also have rooms if you wish to stay for the night.

⭐️We just use the Waze and searched for St.Paul's Academy in Sayangan, Atok, Benguet.

⭐️ Best time to visit during December to March.

‼️I just hope they will do something about the flies in the waiting area. It's too much and there's a foul smell too.

‼️We don't have much photos because Zoe don't want to go down for photos. Haha oh the life with a toddler. Its really a struggle to have a good photographs.img_1880So if you can't go to Taichung, Taiwan yet, you may opt to visit Northern Blossom Farm in Atok, Benguet. It is located on high elevation and the weather is chilly so be ready for your ootd! If you have any questions just leave your comments down below. Love,Momma ZG ❤