Happy National Single Parent Day 2020

Single parenthood takes us to a new level. We fill the role of both parents without questions. And today, it's a day to recognize the sacrifices all of us single parents make.

For my fellow single parents, remember that I see you, I support you and I will cheer you on. Let's all wear our title with a great sense of pride every single day for we are remarkable. And as they say, you can't pour from an empty cup, so remember to take time for yourself. Okay? We got this!

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Oh, and we all know a single parent right? It may be your friend, your family, your co-worker or even your neighbor. Can I ask you a favor? Make this day a special one for all my fellow single parents out there. Celebrate with them, reach out and acknowledge them. A simple act but it'll means so much to us.

gen roraldo

So tag your single mom friends now! Acknowledge them today! Again, Happy national single parent day to my fellow strong parents! You're doing a great job so pat your back for a job well done! Oh, and if you're looking for a support group, we're happy to have you here. 


gen roraldo

Don't forget to share this post to all the single parents you know! And if you're a fellow single parent, drop a comment and I'd love to chat with you!


gen roraldo

gen roraldo