Last July 11, 2018 Zoe and I attended our very first event. It's something special to me not just because it's our first event but because Mrs.Bianca Gonzales Intal will be there too. She's one of my life peg and I always look up to her. From her book signing few years ago to mom and baby events now.




The main highlight of the event is when Mommy Bianca challenged us moms including herself to remove our makeup and go bare face. After all, without any makeup, we are all still naturally beautiful.



Scrolling through my feed and seeing all beautiful moms, dolled up every day, organized and perfectly put together often leads me to question myself "why I couldn't I be like that?" In this world of social media, seeing all those beautiful feeds, picture-perfect photos we can't deny but somehow feel insecure and jealous at times.

But you know what, one day I woke up and realized that I need to embrace my flaws in order for me to love myself more and bring out the best in me.


Motherhood is everything you can imagine. As we learn to stay raw and real as much as possible, life will be so much happier. We don't need to play the role of a "perfect mom". We as parents go through highs and lows. And it's normal to have fears of not being the best parent you can be. What's not okay is comparing yourself to other parents especially here in social media. The truth is, there's no perfect parent as motherhood doesn't come with manuals.

One thing about me as a mom, I don't pressure nor force Zoe to do something. I always let her choose, decide, and follow her lead. I already shared this that when we take photos, it's almost always candid. Because I just want her to enjoy every moment with me and not to be frustrated on how to get that IG worthy photos. I always aim to strengthen our bond whenever we do something. If we had good pictures it's just a bonus as it's always nice to go back to photographs and share a glimpse of our bonding. But even if the picture is not perfect, what's important are the stories behind the pictures. Stories that we can both laugh about when she's older.

So today, I dare all moms who'll read this to be natural while enjoying each moment with our babies. Because they grow up too fast and we don't want to miss anything, right? We are all beautiful, especially when we keep it REAL.  And behind those eye bags, pimples, uneven skin, and extra pounds is a MOM doing her best to be the best parent her child deserves. Cheers to this beautiful journey of motherhood!

Don't feel pressured especially when you see parents who have everything perfect and in place here in social media. You are doing a great job, keep it up momma! Always be you, own your journey and keep it unfiltered.

“Behind the flawless depiction of motherhood we see nowadays on social media, JOHNSON’S® sees an opportunity to shed light on the unfiltered realities around it. We want to help moms embrace every inch of motherhood and start empowering themselves one step at a time,” JOHNSON’S® Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan said.

Thank you so much Johnson's Baby Ph and Millennial Moms Ph for having us and for this eye-opening campaign. Supporting you guys all the way. Til our next event!

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