2018 McDonald's Kiddie Crew

One day, after running errands and craving for some coffee float. I decided to drop by Mcdonalds. Before summer starts, I already saw Mcdonalds ads about the Kiddie Crew but it was design for 6 to 12 years old but Zoe seems like she wants to join. So I asked a crew if I can enroll my 2 years old. Luckily, she said yes and I just need to accompany her.

I enrolled her at Mcdonald’s Tagaytay branch. Its a 5 days workshop for about 2 hours a day. It costs 695php which includes a daily snacks and the following.

T-shirt, cap, apron, chef’s hat, scrapbook, bag, ID with lace and certificate of completion.

It's Zoe’s first summer activity at 2 years old. Since she’s used to doing things on her own and helping me out in the kitchen I know she’ll do great at the workshop. She’s very excited to make her own cheeseburger and to be a kiddie crew.


It was sunday, Kuya Yonz explained the activities per day. And they gave out the T-shirt, bag, ID with lace and the cap. The shirt and cap was too big for Zoe since the workshop is designed for 6-12 years old. But nonetheless, Zoe’s still the cutest kiddie crew on her uniform.

Day 1

They’re only two. Her classmate is a 7 years old. The theme for today is TEAMWORK. Since they’re just 2 the activity is to complete the Mcdonald’s Logo. For the scrapbook activity Kuya Yonz the one facilitating, asked them to draw a family tree. That was the first time that I saw Zoe draw a face. And she amazed us. At her young age, she really loves arts.

They also experienced how to make a Sundae, how to properly clean the table and where to dispose the trash.

Today, Zoe’s so happy but a bit shy. But Kuya Yonz told me after the session that Zoe’s so mature at her age. She listens, do her tasks, participate and make friends.

Day 2

Finally, they’re already 5. The theme for today is HARDWORK. For today’s activity they’re asked to design their own Happy Meal Box.

Then it’s time for them to experience being at the drive thru. Even though she’s still small she’s really trying to give the orders. And ofcourse her beautiful smile that brightens everyone’s morning.

Day 3

Today is the much awaited day. It’s cheeseburger making kind of day! But before that, Kuya Yonz taught them first the Make it happen song and dance, Ronald's Dance and Sidekick which they will perform on Graduation Day.

Before making the cheeseburger they wear their apron, chef’s hat and gloves. Zoe did her burger without any help except for the part where they will fold the burger. She’s too excited and proud to eat her creation. Haha

Day 4

Zoe’s a bit sad today since it’s the last day because tomorrow is the graduation day. For today’s activity they’re asked to draw their talent. She's kinda bored and don’t want to do her activity. Haha she wants to go to the floor already to take orders and stay at the drive thru.

Graduation Day

Zoe’s looking forward to this day because she’s excited to meet a mascot. She’s guessing who’ll show up. They presented the Make it happen song, Ronald’s Dance and the Sidekick dance. I am so proud of her as she really can keep up with the steps even though she’s just 2 years old. After eating their meals, Birdie showed up and danced baby shark. Zoe’s so happy and don’t want to let go of birdie. Then they gave out the certificates.

From Left to Right

(Nadine - 7 years old, Zoe- 2 years old, Rebecca- 5 yrs old and Aliannah- 9 yrs old)

Congratulations my love for doing a great job! Watch up for my next post. I'll be sharing what did Zoe learned from the workshop

Its not too late to enroll, last batch for McDonald's Taal will be next week. Visit McDonald's site for more info.

Til next year McDonald's. We really had fun! 💛


Mommy ZG ❤