10 tips to make your toddler's potty training successful.

In my previous post I shared about Zoe's potty journey (click this Key to potty training ). Today, I will be sharing some tips that worked for us and might help you with your bubba's potty journey.

1. Demonstrate

Children are observers and they learn by observing and watching. Zoe always follows me whenever I use the restroom. Because she's clingy like that. Haha I know most mommas can relate. So when she wanted a potty seat she knows how to use it already just by observing me.

2. Buy tools

Buy them a potty or potty seat or both. It is very important that they are comfortable. Because when you don't have the right tool for them they might get intimidated or even get traumatized.

3. Let them choose

Zoe chose her potty and potty seat. And because of that, she's so eager to start her potty journey. By letting them choose, they will feel the excitement of potty training.

4. Have a schedule

Every time Zoe wakes up, I always told her that she needs to go to her potty before anything else. During our first week of potty training, I always ask her if she needs to pee every 2 hours. Then she gets used to it and pee whenever she needs to without me asking. For night time, I wake her up to pee every 4 hours. It is really helpful that they gave a routine to follow so that they will get used to it.

5. Location

I placed Zoe's potty seat near our restroom so she knows it's the only place where she can pee or poop. But one day she told me that her seat is only for a pee and she'll poop in our restroom. So better have a permanent designated spot for your bubba.

6. Be ready for accidents

Potty training takes a lot of time and patience. There will always be an accident. If she/he pees on her underwear, don't get angry. Don't give them a look of frustration whenever they had an accident. Because there will always be an accident, just be patient with your kids and remind them of your instructions.

7. Give instructions

Give them clear instructions. Don't scare your child. I always tell Zoe that whenever she needs to pee or poop, she can always ask me for help. Tell them the location of their potty, to always wipe after and wash hands every time.

8. Teach your kids about good hygiene

In our house, I set up a place where she can wash her hands after peeing or pooping. I also taught her how to wipe after. It might be challenging but they'll get there.

9. Know your child's cue

Whenever Zoe paused and get teary eyed it's one of my cue that she needs to poop. So I will ask her if she will poop or pee and lead her to her potty. You must know your child's cue because it's really helpful to avoid accidents.

10. Do activities so they can enjoy the seat

Whenever Zoe seems to be bored, I read books to her while she's sitting on her potty. Sometimes we'll sing or count. Just so she'll enjoy her time.


There you go mommas, 10 tips that worked for us. Remember don't force your child when they're not yet ready. If it worked for you and your bubba too please leave a comment down below. 😊

Do you have any question about potty training? I'd love to help. Just ask away! 😊

-Momma ZG ❤