The key to Potty Training

Each child is unique and therefore what applies to one may not apply to others. As we all know most moms are facing the challenges of potty training. But luckily for us, it went by smoothly.

Zoe was just 11 months old when she saw a toilet seat while we're at the mall. Bought one for her then the next day she wanted to use it already. Since that day, no more dirty diapers for us. I know her cues and she says poo-poo every time she needs to use the restroom. I was really shocked that she insisted to potty trained at an early age.

After a few weeks, I saw her peeing at her potty seat. Then she hates wearing diapers already especially when it's bedtime. I usually buy diapers in bulk so I still have few packs left because I didn't plan to potty train her early.

It just happened, I didn't forced her. She was leading, I just guided her. That was the most important thing I learned from the Montessori approach which we follow at home. To follow the child. And that's key why our potty journey was such a breeze. Just a little favor, please don't force them to potty when they're not yet ready. Trust me, it will only stress you and your kids out.

All parents pass through this stage and have their own horror stories regarding potty training. But everyone gets through it with a lot of patience and a bit of tactic. So I wish you, good luck mommas! Enjoy your potty journey when they're ready.

For my next post, I will be sharing some tips on how to start potty training. So stay tuned. 😊

How about your kids? Are they potty trained already? Do you have some horror stories to share?

-Momma ZG ❤